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Duane Kluting

Duane Kluting

By Duane Kluting, West Catholic Class of 1967

As West Catholic grows and prospers, we must deliver the capability to assist students who do not have the resources to cover the full cost of tuition.

Unlocking the potential of these students is vital in delivering leaders in our community and our faith; it fuels our future. But it comes at a cost—one that is met by our annual fundraising efforts and increasingly our Education Foundation.

While I support annual appeals, I’ve also put my money to work for the long haul. The Foundation provides an opportunity to leave a legacy of assistance that will help students for decades—generations not yet dreamed of. Foundations sound complicated and stuffy—stocks, bonds, trustees and so on—but it is not complicated at all. Your gift to the Foundation is pooled with other similar gifts and retained forever. Funds are carefully invested with only the income being used annually to support student needs. It is the gift that keeps on giving, year after year in good times and bad.

As you decide where your contribution dollars can do the most good and have a lasting impact, you should consider the Foundation. Your gift—big or small—builds a base that will help enrich the life of an individual student and broaden the impact West Catholic has on our community. I believe my contributions to the Foundation are a smart way to support the school I care about and assist students for years to come.

Catholic Foundation of West Michigan Donor Duane Kluting